Friday, December 30, 2011

My prototypes! My poor prototypes!

As you may know (if you follow me on Twitter, say), I had placed orders with BatchPCB, for my ATtiny 45/85 Programming Shield, and with the DorkbotPDX PCB order service, for prototypes of my ATtiny 45/85 dev board and AD595 breakout board, in recent weeks (they were actually my first times ordering PCB's from any service and are in fact my first ever prototypes).

As an update here's what's been happening:

I was informed by the good people at BatchPCB that my order had returned from the fab house and had been shipped to me on the 13 of December, two weeks and three days ago. I'm kinda going nuts not having it yet xD I totally understand why though: I ordered close to Christmas and international shipping can take a while. Doesn't mean I have to like it :P

As for my DorkbotPDX order it was my first time participating in the PCB order Laen does but had heard wonderful things about it from the hacker community..... You have to love the purple PCB's you spy in the wild xD This is the image I went in with and it's still intact, but the edges are now a little blurry thanks to what's happened:

It is typical that it should happen when I place 
only my second ever order for prototypes xD

There have been two malfunctions of sorts with the 5th & 12th of December order runs, stemming from the fab house and UPS. Laen has been super and my experience is still awesome, and I will certainly use the service again if my boards are as expected, so my experience isn't that tainted =)..... And as a little side note, when you use DorkbotPDX for PCB runs you get three boards. If they turn out to work I'll be giving away one of the development boards and an AD595 breakout board to someone out there (this probably won't work out, last time I tried to give something away no one heard me).

I understand why I don't have my boards in my hot little hands but it's just that I don't have any work to do at the moment and no TAFE work to keep me busy, no girlfriend and the majority of my friends are a long ways away so I had been hoping to be fiddling with gadgetry into the new year, which I guess I will be but just further into the new year than I had hoped... Oh well, Happy New Year! Don't get too drunk!


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