Thursday, July 26, 2012

Texas Instruments and Sample Kits

One of the good things about Hack a Day is that they usually let you know about good and free stuff if they find out about any. This happened yesterday in relation to one of the things in their Hackaday Links post:

The second item in the list leads to what TI call their 'Brushless DC Motor Drive Solution'.

What you get in this sample kit are as follows:
  • LM5101B – 100V MOSFET Driver 
  • LM3S8971 - Stellaris® Integrated Motor Control/Driver 
  • AMC1200 – Isolation Amplifier
That's a free kit and free shipping to Australia. But wait, there's more! I also happened to find in the side bar of the motor control kit page a chemical and gas sensor sample kit:
  • LMP91000 – Configurable AFE Potentiostat 
  • MSP430F2003 - 16-bit Ultra-Low-Power Microcontroller 
  • XTR117 - 4-20mA Current Loop Transmitter
And in that same side bar I also spotted this:
It is a "...multi-sensory portable audio and display solution featuring high-fidelity sound, multi-point touch with haptics for tactile feedback and programmable high brightness backlight driver that combine to deliver a richer user experience in a small-form factor." It includes: 
  • TPA2011D1 – 3.2W mono class-d audio power amplifier with auto-recovering short-circuit protection 
  • TLV320AIC3256 – Very low-power stereo codec with miniDSP and DirectPath™ amplifier 
  • DRV8662 – Piezo haptic driver with integrated boost converter 
  • LP8552 – High-efficiency white LED backlight driver with integrated boost converter 
  • TSC2004 – Nano-power touch screen controller with I2C serial interface
Not real sure what I'll use them for but I love me some free stuff!

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