Monday, November 5, 2012

My DIY Pico Protein Skimmer... I hope

This is my first attempt at a pico protein skimmer for my All-in-One AquaOne Cube30 build.

It's  27.9 cm (11") from tip to tail and is made from 32mm  (1.25") PVC. The top is cut at a 45° angle using a mitre box and I'll be drilling a 10mm hole at the top and back of the pipe to attach some 10mm vinyl tubing that'll lead to the collection cup (or jar). I still need to work out a mounting bracket. I was thinking lasercut acrylic, cut out of the excess that is on the sheet from making my AIO back.

It's based on the pico skimmer made by Glazer (only a little less fancy as it's not acrylic). Not sure if it's going to work but I won't know until I get my tank up and running!