Sunday, June 22, 2014

First hunt with the Savage 93R17 FV!

I recently bought my first firearm =) I've had my licence since I was 16 so I thought it was time xD

I went hunting with a friend on her property and staked out a large warren, to which I was the only one to successfully take a bunny, they went to ground as soon as the the .17 HMR (Hornady Magnum Rimfire) wet off and their comrade was shot. It does some serious damage, as it blew a sizable hole in my prize. I managed to skin it and save some of the hide to tan later =D But the meat was spoiled thanks to not taking the head :/

The .17 HMR is the round on the right of both images above (with the bullet on the right being a .22 Long Rifle and .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire respectively) which shows its size. They travel at 2550 feet per second and are ballistic tipped!

I'll be going out spotlighting for more rabbits and feral foxes once I get a new spotlight ^_^