ATtiny 45 and 85 Programmer Shield

Version1.2 - Pro

The Pro version has everything you need to program an ATtiny 45 or 85 (you can also program an ATtiny 44 and 84 with version 1.2, you will just need to connect the correct pins using jumper wires) which includes a 10uF capacitor between reset and ground to stop the Arduino from auto resetting. It also has LED's to show what the programmer sketch on the Arduino is doing, including if any errors occur during the process. It includes an LED attached to pin 0 of the ATtiny to allow for the test Blink sketch to be used to see if the board works.

I've also created a version with ISP. You know, just because:

If you decide to construct this shield using the BatchPCB service (link below), DorkbotPDX PCB Order (there are now gerber files for this service), or on your own please think about donating a little for its use. The below button  leaves the amount up to you (my recommended donation level is ฿0.05 to 1DxR9z9XSiowHZZjtKZYN8ArVMbqhP7tZC - It's not a rule, donate what you feel is right).

For more information and design files please head to the ATtiny 45 and 85 Programmer Shield GitHub repository. It will tell you how to use the board and give you the files needed to make it.

Creative Commons License 

I support the Open Source Hardware Definition v1.1