ATtiny 45/85 Development Board

Revision 3

This is my ATtiny 45 and 85 development board. It has a power LED, reset switch, ISP, on-board power and all of the µC pins have been broken out to two sets of headers for ease of use (the second set of headers can be soldered onto the bottom of the board to allow breadboard work, as well as allowing access to unused pins while a 'shield' is in use).

There will be varying types of breakout boards for it. I'm currently designing a breakout board for the AD595 thermocouple amplifier chip which will be compatible with this board (think toaster reflow oven).

The design is still a work in progress and as such will continue to evolve. Please let me know what you think and if you believe I can improve something in my design. You will find links to the GitHub repository and the BatchPCB product page below.

If you take my designs and build an ATtiny Dev board &/or sheild please think about donating a little for its use. My recommended donation level is ฿0.05 to 1Lu8U2oEsf5Gh1NB9JUvDveCJVocniF6pk - It's not a rule, donate what you feel is right.

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Breakout Boards / Shields:

AD595 Thermocouple Breakout Board:
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